Corporate License Renewal

Corporate License Renewal Instructions

If you operate under a corporation, LLC, or partnership, your business is required to carry a corporate license for the business under which you operate.  If you are a sole proprietor operating under an assumed or designated trade name, a corporate license is  required unless you have registered with your county Register of Deeds as a DBA (Doing Business As) and provided the NCLCLB office with official documentation that you have registered as a DBA and are doing business under a different name than how you are licensed.

IMPORTANT:  Before renewing your corporate license, be sure the individual license renewal of the person (licensee) connected to your business has been submitted.

When you renew your corporate license, you will be required to attach a copy of your latest annual report filed with the NC Secretary of State.  If your business is newly registered and an annual report has not been filed, attach the Articles of Organization/Incorporation.  This requirement applies to business corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and other business entities registered with the NC Secretary of State.  This requirement does not apply to partnerships and sole proprietorships that are registered with the County Register of Deeds.

To obtain a copy of the annual report, go to and use the “Search Business Registration” tool to find your business.  The annual report may be found under document filings.  If you intend to renew your corporate license on-line, save the annual report on your computer so that you will then be able to upload the annual report when prompted by the on-line renewal form.  If you intend to renew by mail, print the annual report and include it with your renewal form.

The non-refundable license renewal fee is $60.00 plus a $25.00 late fee for renewals submitted or postmarked after August 1 of renewal period. We accept checks, or Visa, MasterCard or AMEX credit cards.

Corporate renewals may be included in the same envelope with individual renewals.

Corporate License Renewal Form

for August 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021

Or, to renew by mail, use this printable form:

Corporate License Renewal 8/1/2020 to 7/31/2021 (CR02) (PDF)

The forms below are for renewals for prior years and are NOT for the current licensing year. To renew for the current licensing year August 1, 2020- July 31, 2021, use the forms above under the heading “Corporate License Renewal Form”.

Late Prior Year Corporate Renewals

AUGUST 1, 2019 – JULY 31, 2020

Corporate License Renewal 8/1/2019 to 7/31/2020 (On-line)
Corporate License Renewal 8/1/2019 to 7/31/2020 (CR02) (PDF)

AUGUST 1, 2018 – JULY 31, 2019

Corporate License Renewal 8/1/2018 to 7/31/2019 (On-line)
Corporate License Renewal 8/1/2018 to 7/31/2019 (CR02) (Printable Form)

August 1, 2017 – July 31, 2018

Corporate License Renewal 8/1/2017 to 7/31/2018 (On-line)
Corporate License Renewal 8/1/2017 to 7/31/2018 (CR02) (Printable Form)