Application Forms

To be eligible for approval to take the Exam for licensure, the applicant must:

(1)   Be at least 18 years of age
(2)   Be of good moral character
(3)   Submit Application and Application Fee
(4)   Submit a signed, $10,000 NC Landscape Contractor’s Surety  Compliance Bond (form SB01), purchased from a Surety Bond company, or an Irrevocable Letter of Credit from a financial institution with this application.

Individual License Application

Click on the License Application link below to download Exam Application. Once the application has been approved by the Board, the applicant will be notified of approval to take the exam.

⇒   Application for NC Landscape Contractors’ License (APP03) (PDF)

Please note that exams cannot be scheduled until all documentation,  including surety bond or irrevocable letter of credit, personal and professional references,  has been received.

The Exam Payment form is for applicants approved to take the exam.  This form is password protected.

⇒   Exam Payment Form for Approved Applicants (On-line Payment)

The License Payment form is for applicants who have passed the licensing exam and have been approved for the NC Landscape Contractor license.  This form is password protected.

⇒   License Payment Form for Approved Applicants (On-line Payment)

Landscape Contractors Code of Conduct

Corporate License

If you operate under a corporation, LLC, or partnership, your business is required to carry a corporate license for the business under which you operate.  If you are a sole proprietor operating under an assumed or designated trade name, a corporate license is  required unless you have registered with your county Register of Deeds as a DBA (Doing Business As) and notified the NCLCLB office that you are doing business under a different name than how you are licensed.

To obtain the corporate license, there must be at least one individually licensed landscape contractor who will act as the licensee for the business.

Click HERE for Corporate Landscape Contractor License Application (CL002) (PDF)

Surety Bond (Individual and Corporate)

Please Note:  You will also need to obtain, sign and send in with your Surety Bond (Form SB01), a Power of Attorney form which should be supplied by your surety bond agent.  

Click HERE for Surety Compliance Bond (SB01) (PDF)

Letter authorizing Bond Companies to write bonds after August 1, 2015

Surety Bond Samples:
⇒    Individual Surety Bond Sample (PDF)
⇒   Corporate Surety Bond Sample (PDF)