Surety Bond Information

In order to complete the licensing process you are required to obtain a $10,000 Surety Bond or a $10,000 irrevocable letter of credit from a bank.  The Surety Bond form must be completed by the Bonding company and the ORIGINAL Bond must be returned to the Board’s office along with the Power of Attorney. It is important to note, if you are a sole proprietor you should apply for a bond under your individual name. This bond will remain in good standing if you change your company name or go to work for another company. If you own a company and it is a corporation, LLC, or partnership you still may apply under your individual name. This would allow you to contract landscape work in your off hours.  This would also apply to an individual that works for a corporation, LLC or partnership.  The other option for the owner of a corporation, LLC or partnership is to apply for a Surety Bond under the name of the company.  This option works well if you are paying for the coverage of your employees that are licensed landscape contractors.  This allows you to have one bond but have coverage for multiple licensees.  The only downfall to this is if there is an individual that plans on contracting landscape work on his/her own time.  He/she would then be obligated to get their own separate Surety Bond.

Please Note:  You will also need to obtain, and send in with your Surety Bond (Form SB01), a Power of Attorney form which should be supplied by your surety bond agent.   (The Power of Attorney authorizes the agent to make restitution payments against the surety bond,  when directed by the licensing board,  in the event landscape work damages have occurred)

You should send in the Original Surety Bond.  If you work for a company which has a company surety bond which names you as a covered employee (and you are not an official of that company) your company will send in the original surety bond and you would then send in a copy of the company surety bond that names you as a covered employee.

Surety Bond (Individual and Corporate)

Click HERE for Surety Compliance Bond (SB01) (PDF)

Letter authorizing Bond Companies to write bonds after August 1, 2015

Surety Bond Samples:
    Individual Surety Bond Sample (PDF)
   Corporate Surety Bond Sample (PDF)