Licensure by Reciprocity


(a) All applicants for licensure by reciprocity shall submit an application to the Board. The application form shall be available on the Board website or may be obtained by contacting the Board office located as described in Rule .0101 of this Subchapter.
(b) All applications shall include the following:
(1) The license by reciprocity application fee as set forth in Rule .0601 of this Subchapter;
(2) Documentation establishing that the applicant holds an active license, certification, or registration as a landscape contractor in another state or country;
(3) Information indicating whether the applicant has any disciplinary history with any other occupational licensing, registration or certification board or agency;
(4) The corporate surety bond or an irrevocable letter of credit as prescribed by G.S. 89D-16(a)(4);
(5) Submit three letters from personal references with complete contact information;
(6) Submit two letter from professional references with complete contact information; and
(7) Documentation regarding all crimes of which the applicant has been convicted. If there is any evidence to show that the applicant has committed any acts that would constitute a violation under G.S. 89D-22, the applicant shall not be licensed by reciprocity.
(c) Once an applicant has submitted a complete application and the Board has determined that the requirements for licensure, certification, or registration in the applicant’s home jurisdiction are substantially equivalent to the requirements in G.S. 89D-16, the Board shall issue a license to the applicant.
(d) All applications shall be notarized. Incomplete applications shall not be processed. Application fees are non-refundable.