811 Utility Location

(Excerpt from the NC811 website as of 5/21/2020)
NC law requires anyone engaging in excavation or demolition activities to contact NC811 at least three working days prior to starting the work. NC811 will then notify the member facility owners within your area of excavation or demolition. The member facility owner has three working days to provide a response and to mark any underground facilities that may be in conflict with the work area. Only publicly owned lines will be marked by the facility owner. NC811 is a non-profit organization fully funded by the member facility owners and managed by a board of directors. NC811 is not a government agency.

NC811 Website
N.C.G.S.: Chapter 87 Article 8A (Underground Utilities)

You should personally read the law concerning the requirements relative to 811 utility location and how the laws apply to you, employees and company.

** While the general practice has been that if NC811 was notified of planned excavation and the site was not marked within 3 days (72 hours), excavation could begin.  NC law was changed effective October 2019, which in effect, adds additional responsibilities to those performing the excavation. If the site has not been marked within 3 days (72 hours) after requesting the NC811 location service, contractors are now required to contact NC811 again and request an expedited location, which is supposed to be done within 3 hours of the expedited request. Not following the new law, could put those excavating financially responsible for any repair to damaged service lines.

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